「LIVE」Puyo Puyo eSports (#16): Last stream before break

Hi! My name is S2, and I’m an American Puyo player. こんにちは!S2です。私はアメリ
カ人のぷよらーです。I want Puyo Puyo to become an Esport around the world.

Here’s my Nintendo Switch friend code. I only accept friend requests from people with Puyo eSports because I need open slots for my recording service (see below).
Switch FC: 4391 7804 1128

『Direct Donation』

『NEW!! S2’s Recording Service』
If you need help recording Puyo eSports replays for your YouTube channel, but you don’t have a capture card, let me know! I can help you record them if we become Switch/PS4 friends. Tell me in stream chat or message me on Discord.

『Chat Rules』
Please follow the same rules as in the Puyo Discord. Treat each other with respect.
Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to: Use of offensive slurs, making fun of people for disabilities, sexuality, and/or identity, (This includes the use of “trap”, “triggered”, “autism”, “retard”, and more.) and in general harassing people in any way. Sexual, violent, or otherwise disturbing imagery, language, or implications is unacceptable.

『~ Top 10 Super Chatters ~』
– Fire Games47384_ _: $35
– Elite’s Junk: $35
– David Calman: $28.88
– Gunbuster: $25
– NostalgiaNinja: $24.24
– Acheo: $10
– DarkSlyCooper 126: $10
– kinoborikun: $10
– りべ: $9.1
– Nicholas Ott: $7




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