FUJIFILM X-T3 or FUJIFILM X-T30. Which camera is best?

Because of the 500$ difference in price of these two cameras, one is a bit hard pressed as to which camera should be chosen between both these amazing APS-C mirrorless cameras. It is sure that the feature set on the XT30 is less than on the XT3 but to what extent. This video tries to help you in making the best decision. Should you pick the XT30 or the XT3? Which camera is best for you?

Theme of this video

The Fujifilm XT30 is a little beast and can be considered as the X-T3’s little brother. Anyone who is familiar with the relationship between the XT2 and the XT20 will realize that Fuji’s philosophy is to always come up with a flagship model and offer a less filled package with a smaller form factor and feature set (What I like to call the “0” line). The XT2 had the XT20 as its little brother. Now the XT3 has the XT30 as its little brother. Fuji is generous in the sense that they offer all the same tech innards on both cameras. For this reason one might become hard pressed as to which camera to chose. The question arises: If these two cameras are extremely similar, do I need to spend the extra money for the more elaborate feature set or will my workflow not need those additional features? Can I save a bit of cash and not miss what the flagship model has to offer? This video is my attempt to help you.

My conclusions are in the video but also here

So what should you buy? Here is the question that aches in everyone’s mind. At the release date of this article the X-T3 costs 1499$ (For the feature set this is nothing short of a steal) and the X-T30 is at the measly price of 899$ (again another steal). To me the my experience with the XT3 for many of my professional gigs has been great. With amazing image quality and a relatively crash proof camera has proven to be just great. My video contract experience with this camera has been amazing as well. This camera coupled with some of the stellar Fuji glass within the Fuji landscape has been nothing but impressive. But for three reasons, of which I did not mention one, I will stick to my XT3. Dual card slot, ergonomics and availbility of a battery grip. Many of the small features that make the XT3 the XT3 keep me from saving that extra cash. Which brings me to the decision making.I could not help while navigating through the XT30 menu to keep on saying wow, wow wow the whole time. It is the little brother of the XT3 in that image quality and features are extremely similar. But because of size, and a couple of professional reasons, I believe that the X-T3 is best for me. But for many the decision is not that easy. All is dependant on your workflow. Many times the XT30 will be advantageous because it is small, because it has one touch auto, because it has a built in flash. Here are situations where I believe the X-T30 becomes invaluable:Street photography: The XT30 is made to pull out, set and forget, and shoot quickly. It is indeed compact and I would even go so far as to say that it would be foolish to get the X-T3 if you do street.Walkaround and tourism photography: Size matters when you move around. The bigger the camera is the more annoying it will be to travel with. The XT30 with the 27mm f2.8 can go a long way. You will need for nothing.B Camera to the XT3: This camera could easily be a second camera for either a photo or a video workflow. Just by the mere fact that it has so much of the functionality of the XT3 at a lower price. It can always be there when you are in a bind.

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