Miami Beach Sunset HD, drone bird eye view from MSC Seaside

20 years ago I was in Miami Beach and I saw a big ship exiting the port. I thought that this is for other people, until one day it happened. 30 minutes before sunset we exited Miami Beach on MSC Seaside and we can admire Miami beach from floor 18.
Bird or Drone view.
We asked the captain to do it again but the port taxes where too high 🙂

Learn more about MSC Cruises or book your own cruise from this link

Music is “Hard to Love (ft. Stevie Brock)”, singer Katrina Stone and then more Katrina songs as I fall in love with her music (License number 681126)

This is a playlist with more than 6 hours of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo Carnaval 2019

(videos collected by @Brain AI)

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