Oh Boy Here We Go I Roblox Drama / UGC Drama

———- Open me ———-
Hello Guys and Welcome to another Episode on my Channel. In this episode I talk about once again another problem people have with UGC. It actually all started with the Downtown Denizen Fedora. People were very mad about that particular hat, because it looks similar to the Classic Roblox Fedora. In the Past days one of the UGC Creator actually uploaded a few Antlers which now cause an even Bigger Problem and made a lot of People very mad. I dont really see a big problem with them, in my opinion the regular Roblox Antlers still look very great and both items have their own unique Style. The last item is just not even worth really talking much about. Its clearly far away from a Roblox Dominus Hat. Thanks for reading this!
Hope you like the episode and see you in my next video.
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